Day 3 – Advent Creative Calendar

day 3 advent creativity calendar - photo

Take a photo – your prompt is the word ‘Light’
Interpret it as you want.
If you don’t have a camera, use google
or flick through a magazine.
Then print it, cut it, stick it, montage or collage it.
And let the light shine!

take 24 creative ideas.
spend 5 – 15 minutes each day.
make 24 pieces of art.

above all, have fun
and please share your creation, or a link to it, in the comments.

Photoshop Express

Adobe have opened up an online, and cut down, version of photoshop for you all to use. While it is a very cut down version it does look quite good. The site is also offering up to 2gb of storage for your digital creations. it is certainly worth checking out even if it is to see the flash navigation on the front page.

Photoshop Express