How to find a colour / color and name it

I have, running in the background of my pc, a wonderful little utility, AdesClrPicker. This is a simple utility to tell me what any colour (color) is on your screen. A simple ctrl + alt +a and a pipette icon hovers over the screen, magnifies the area where it is to pixel precision and tells ne what colour / color it is hovering over. It imparts this information in glorious html format for me to slip into any new web design or idea that I have. But the program isn’t limited to html, it offers a range of outputs. It also remembers recent colours / colors and a whole lot of other neat little attributes. You can download the latest version from here.

If you’re in a browser though, and that browser happens to be firefox, you could use colorzilla. A little plugin that sits neatly at the bottom of the browser screen ready to be called into action. The latest version is available from here.

Both programs are nice and simple but come in very handy, if you don’t want to open up an image editor and use the colour picker from there after waiting ages for it to load… you know who you are.

These are two little tools that can save a lot of time and effort. A little bit of preparation and you’ll no longer be running around trying to find the hex value of that wonderful tone used on the front page of your favourite site. And one day we may all agree on how to spell colour… I live in hope.