Happy Birthday Imaginality

It’s the anniversary of the first post on Imaginality… and yes, I know, high time there was more here.

Well, never fear, there’s plenty in the pipeline and once I fix the little blockage it will be flowing your way.

In the meantime ask yourself the following question…

What is your creative dream? What do you want to create?

Then go ahead and begin. Take a tiny, first step. Don’t wait for the next post here before you do.


Melissa Dinwiddie’s Keys to Creative Flow

Melissa Dinwiddie is sharing a gift to the creative world. That, dear friends, is you. She has worked on and developed a series of ten rules for being creative in her own life. She’s sharing those rules with the rest of us, as her Keys to Creative Flow.

Not only are they ten great Keys, but she’s also put them into a lovely poster for you to enjoy, download and use. That’s it just below, but if you follow the link above, you’ll find out how she put the poster together. You’ll also find out how the Keys have helped Melissa become a creative producer and coach.


Ahem, apologies

It seems like something, and I’m not quite sure what at this point, has messed up this site. It could be an upgrade, but I don’t think I upgraded anything. It could be a hack, but really, would anyone want to hack this site?

What is more likely, is that I have done something, added a plugin or some other piece of code that has taken it upon itself to cause mischief.

Well, the site is back and currently running. But it does look a little weird at the moment.

Normal service will be resumed…. someday… soon…