Roz Morris and 7 essentials for writing a good novel

A wonderful post from Roz Morris with some essentials on writing a good novel. I particularly liked:

we need to harvest our emotional memories

This is something I regularly do in my journal, and for anyone out there wanting to write, it is, as Roz says, an essential for writing a good novel. Read the rest of her essentials in this great post.

7 essentials for writing a good novel

Melissa Dinwiddie’s Keys to Creative Flow

Melissa Dinwiddie is sharing a gift to the creative world. That, dear friends, is you. She has worked on and developed a series of ten rules for being creative in her own life. She’s sharing those rules with the rest of us, as her Keys to Creative Flow.

Not only are they ten great Keys, but she’s also put them into a lovely poster for you to enjoy, download and use. That’s it just below, but if you follow the link above, you’ll find out how she put the poster together. You’ll also find out how the Keys have helped Melissa become a creative producer and coach.


Three great creative posts for the end of January

There were three pages on these here Internets that caught my eye as January comes to a close. So with a brief introduction here they are. I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

Lisa Sonora Beam waxes lyrical about keeping a creative sketchbook. In this post she suggests that keeping such a journal opens up vast possibilities in our lives. She also has an exciting new course called Dreaming on Paper: The Creative Sketchbook, which you can find from the link above.

How to lose your muse in 10 days is a wonderful post by Scrivener and writing guru Gwen Hernandez. It’s simple, snappy and to the point. So if you want to find out how to get rid of your creative muse, go and take a look. And just to entice you a little more, she may be employing a little reverse psychology on this one. 

Not technically a link, but it’s here anyway. Free online vector graphics program, Mondrian, is just that. Adobe may have the professional end of the market sown up with Illustrator, but this little online app is quite neat. You can create vector images and export them to png or svg format. If you sign up for an account the ability to save is available.   

There are exciting things on the horizon for !maginality, so enjoy the links, stay creative and I’ll see you soon.