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Into The Light – Music to make art by

This Temple Eden, my musical alter-ego, have released some music just for your creative journey. Into The Light is a collection of ambient music. It was written for the art class, of the same name, by Suzi Blu. It is ideal for meditation or as an inspirational soundtrack as you create quiet art. The music was inspired […]

important urgent grid

How to find the right thing to do each day

I sit at my desk, the to do list before me. It is a good day, there are only 10 things scheduled that need to be done. More importantly there are only 5 additional things that are overdue. Okay, I can also see that tomorrow isn’t looking quite so good. There are 31 things that […]


Don’t let inspiration be drowned out by interference

It is all well and good, looking for inspiration. We can find sites and books that provide prompts *cough Imaginality*. We can join groups and classes. There is plenty of help available. Today I want to warn of a danger lurking in our very homes. A monster that can leach our inspiration, sucking our creativity […]


Day 24 – Advent Creative Calendar

Cubist nativity Draw simple shapes Circles, squares, triangles The Christ Child born Prompt: advent / arrival Advent is nearing completion. You have arrived? Or has something arrived and visited you? To arrive does not end the journey… take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 – 15 minutes each day. make 24 pieces of art. above all, […]


Day 23 – Advent Creative Calendar

The open present In words, paint or song describe the joy as a child opens a present Prompt: joy to the one A precious gift is beyond comparison. The innocence of a child beyond skepticism. Mix the two, and you have joy. Can you rekindle your personal joy today? take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 […]

Day 22 – Advent Creative Calendar

Make a mandala One shape in the centre Add other shapes concentrically Colour, elaborate and embellish Prompt: grow From one small, simple shape, something more complex emerges. It is amazing what we can grow in to, to what we can become. How do you want to grow? take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 – 15 […]