paint on canvas

A Prayer for the artists

We thank the universe for the artists, the masters of form and colour and sound, who have power to unlock for us the vaster spaces of emotion and to lead us by their hand into the reaches of nobler passions. We rejoice in their gifts and desire to keep them distant from the temptations which […]

pens and harmonica and keyboard

Create more – do the right task at the right time

Any creative task or project requires a series of steps. The steps will vary depending on your goal for the completed project, but in general the following overview is pretty accurate: Idea Creation Refinement Completion Selling / Promotion We don’t need to finish something as soon as we start it. The process above doesn’t have […]

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Wot no ideas – coping with a barren creative spell

The blank page, or blank canvas is the nemesis of all creative people. Sometimes the nemesis is attached to a deadline. The deadline might be set by someone else or it might be self-imposed. Either way it’s added pressure when ideas simply won’t manifest themselves. As a songwriter not being able to find the melody can […]

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I create: Monday’s Motivational Mantra

What are your creative goals for the week? By Friday or Saturday, what would you like to achieve? Is there one project that really needs completing, that you’d like to say, ‘There, it’s done, it’s complete!’? Or do you have a creative goal? If you don’t have a goal, take a moment and set one […]