the seven deadly sins

The seven deadly sins of creativity

There are seven deadly sins. These sins are mortal sins. They will destroy you and condemn your soul, requiring a new outpouring of grace and reconciliation. At least that is according to Catholic teaching, give or take several thousand words. These same seven deadly sins can also condemn and destroy your creativity. If you want […]

creative painting space

What is the ideal creative space?

The muse can be an elusive creature. We don’t know when it will arrive, how long it will stay and, to be honest, whether it will leave a gift or bear frustration. This is why being prepared is such an important part of the creative process. So, what is the ideal creative space for when […]

pens and paper

What is stopping you from your creative dream?

What is stopping you from your creative dream? Why aren’t you achieving your creative potential? This weekend ask yourself: What is stopping me from being creative? There are many reasons why. I’m sure you had several as you read the title and before you began to read the first paragraph. Life so often gets in […]

The less I have; the more space to create
The simpler my process; the more beautiful the creation

Keep it simple – Motivation Monday

I have been thinking about creativity and minimalism over at The Creative Minimalist and the importance of keeping things simple. It led to the above quote so I thought I’d share it here as a little piece of inspiration.

Into the light-lower res

Into The Light – Music to make art by

This Temple Eden, my musical alter-ego, have released some music just for your creative journey. Into The Light is a collection of ambient music. It was written for the art class, of the same name, by Suzi Blu. It is ideal for meditation or as an inspirational soundtrack as you create quiet art. The music was inspired […]

important urgent grid

How to find the right thing to do each day

I sit at my desk, the to do list before me. It is a good day, there are only 10 things scheduled that need to be done. More importantly there are only 5 additional things that are overdue. Okay, I can also see that tomorrow isn’t looking quite so good. There are 31 things that […]