pen and paper

How long will it take me to write my book?

There are some pieces of advice that seem to stick with us through life. We remember things we heard when we were young and hopefully, if they were good pieces of advice, we follow them. Look before crossing the road, don’t touch that’s hot, don’t stick your fingers in the plug sockets etc. One little […]

she looked like a d minor and sounded like the colour blue

What sound does this colour make – mixing media for inspiration

Are you stuck with a piece of art? Blocked in the creative flow? Not sure what direction to take the image, song or piece of prose? Staring at the lump of wood or clay and not sure what part to cut away or mould first? One way to get the inspiration and ideas flowing is to […]

time clock

The creative resource that money can’t buy

It’s almost halfway through August* and I don’t feel like either summer, or myself, have arrived. I am still struggling to be constructive with my time on several creative projects and the sun hasn’t really graced us with its presence for any length of time either. It is there for moments, and there are brief glimpses […]

what is stopping you from realising your creative dreams?

What is stopping you from realising your creative dreams?

No seriously, I really want to know. Imaginality exists to help you achieve your creative potential. That potential can be in any form of art: writing, music, painting, drawing, sculpting, journaling, photography. I believe we can all live creative lives, our lives should be art. This includes creativity in business: problem solving, product ideas and […]

harmonic minor scale

Are you being challenged by your art?

What sort of question is that Darren? Every day I look at the blank sheet of paper in front of me and it mocks. My paints remain untouched and the pen nib is covered by its cap. The word processor still registers ‘0 words’ in its counter. Yes, of course I am challenged by my […]

my creative journals

How I use journals for the creative process

In my other blog I lamented the fact that I have too many journals and it isn’t great for my minimalist zen. Having said that I am currently using all those journals and notebooks as I create each day. I thought I’d share the way I use my journals in order to realise my creative potential. […]